Friday, September 24, 2010

"Real Life" fieldtrip

Last night me and a few others headed down to OSU's campus to attend Campus Crusade for Christ's first Real Life gathering of the year. Wow, was it ever powerful. When we walked up to Independence Hall around 7:45pm there were already a few hundred students hanging out in front of the building. Once 8:00pm rolled around though they all headed into the auditorium. The place was packed! I think it holds 700. Josh Howard, who has guest led worship at Encounter, started the evening off with the Real Life band. We sang two or three songs. Then a funny guy who is their MC/host came up and had people fill out info. cards and then handed out some prizes by drawing peoples names. After that a gal named Holly told her "real life" story, basically a testimony about how God had helped her through her first few years at school. Then my friend and the director of OSU's CCC ministry spoke to the group. His name is Bacho Bordjadze. The evening ended with three more worship songs. It was a packed two hours. We also got to see a number of young adults connected to Encounter and our mother church Grace Church in Powell.
BTW - the reason some of us went down to see Real Life in action is b/c we're serving as hosts on Thurs, Oct. 21st. Encounter is one of nine affiliate churches coming alongside CCC at OSU. Our own Ryan Janosko serves on the full-time staff there.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Eli Pinney Community Day

This evening I had the pleasure of hanging out on the Eli Pinney Elementary playground with five other community organizations. We each had a table with promotional materials and were given a free pizza. I took my kids and they loved it. There were inflatables, a dunk tank and the Dublin Jerome HS band played some tunes. Even Dublin's Mayor, Tim Lecklider, showed up and I introduced myself to him. It was fun to meet some community people and see a number of Encounter-ites there too:-)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rut Chamale speaks & Azalia leads worship @ LC

This morning at Leadership Community we had the pleasure of being led in worship by a guest band named, "Azalia". It's a fun story about how they ended being with us. Ask me about it sometime.
It was also very special to have our new friend Rut Chamale from Guatemala in town to share about her passion for loving the children many of us sponsor in the Cruz Blanca ministry center. She will be in our church service tomorrow morning as well.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

15 years with my sweetheart Melissa

It's hard to believe 15 years have transpired since I said "I do" to the woman of my dreams. I seriously believe Melissa is a gift from God to a man that needed help. When God gave Eve to Adam, it wasn't for her to be his servant, it was b/c he needed help. Just like I do:-)
If you're reading this babe...I'm so in love with you it drives me crazy and I'm look'n real forward our time together in Cancun in a month:-) Oh ya, and spending the rest of our lives together too!

Your man, Sean:-) XOXOXO

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New message series

The next four weeks weeks we're doing a series titled, "Suburban Legends: Exposing Relational Myths". The messages will be topical and confront some of the unbiblical beliefs in our society about relationships.
Week #1 - Kids just need to be happy
Week #2 - Living together will help us prepare for marriage
Week #3 - All teens are rebellious
Week #4 - Getting divorced is better than being unhappy

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rachel's 8th birthday

Today we celebrated our daughter Rachel's 8th birthday. She's our youngest and is in second grade. We played a bunch a fun games, Zach did a little magic show and there was a money cake.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kids and their sports

Well you know the school year has begun when all the kids are back in sports. Zach is playing football again at Davis MS. They have a 2-0 season so far. Abby & Sara started DYA (Dublin Youth Athletics) volleyball tonight and their daddy is their coach. And Rachel has begun gymnastics at Buckeye Gymnastics with two of our church plant friends. These our great ways for us to be fully engaged in our community and the kids are lov'n it.
I'm sure there will be more blogs and pics to come as the Fall progresses.