Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Morning Men's Group

For the last three years there has been a group of men meeting on Tuesday mornings to connect over coffee and discuss a chapter out of the Bible. We've gone through the book of Matthew twice and are now in the book of Ecclesiastes for the second time. We've changed locations three times, seen men come and go but the one thing that has stayed the same is Matt Jacobs. He started the group and continues to faithfully call/text men to meet. Thanks for your leadership Matt:-)
(he took the picture, that's why you don't see him in it)

My Gals in the Color Run

For months now Melissa, Abby and Sara have been training to do Columbus' 5K Color Run.  Today was the big day and we met some friends and neighbors downtown. I believe there were around 12,000 people entered in the race. Enjoy the pics. and video.

Back from Guatemala

Yesterday, our team of 22 people from Encounter got back on US soil from our week long trip to Guatemala. It was a fantastic time of deepening relationships with the children and Vision Trust staff in Cruz Blanca. This Sunday we will be sharing testimonies in the service about it.
If you would like to see pictures from the trip click on this link to my FB page.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Heading Back to Cruz Blanca Guatemala

This past Sunday the team of people going to Cruz Blanca, Guatemala July 10-17 were prayed over and commissioned to go on behalf of Encounter Church. Altogether there are 25 of us going.
Our two main objectives are to build a large mobile classroom at the ministry center and to run a two day VBS to four different groups of children. There are approximately 260 children in all.
Many of the people at Encounter sponsor children at this ministry center and our team is bringing gifts from them to their sponsor child(ren).
I'll send out a pic from the airport of the group but I'm not certain if I'll have internet access while in Guatemala. It may be a week until you hear from me again but I'll be sure to give you an update when we're back:-)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Back to the book of Acts

We are five weeks away from finishing the message series, "The Acts of the Apostles". Though we will not even come close to finishing the book, it is the longest continual series we've done at Encounter: 16 weeks in all.
This Sunday I'll be teaching from chapter 8:1-25 where it speaks about the disciples being scattered because of persecution and about a man named Simon the Sorcerer who was enamored with the Apostles because of the power they had through the Holy Spirit. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Attempted Coup of Encounter Church

Mark Artrip warned me he was up to something. I go on vacation and have him preach for me and what does he do? He breaks into my home with a video camera and drives around in my jeep!
I guess at the end of the service yesterday he showed this video:

Enjoy a good laugh at my expense. He did a really good job. I sent it to a few people I know know and one Creative Arts Director in Chicago put it on his blog: http://www.ericbramlett.org/2/post/2012/07/finding-the-funny.html

Mark Artrip Preaches on July 1st

Knowing I wouldn't be back in town for Sunday, July 1st, I asked my buddy Mark Artrip to preach for me. He and his wife Kristin are the couple who will be leading the Movement Church plant to Hilliard in February 2013.  The plan is for him to join me on staff on August 1st for six months. We call it a leadership residency. It will allow he and I to spend tons of time together (sorry Mark) and also for him to teach, train, dream and pray with his launch team before launching.
I got a few pics. from people during the service which made me a little nervous.
You see, Mark and I have been friends for over seven years and we enjoy playing pranks on each other.
This pic. sent by one of our members concerns me most.

Awesome time on vacation in Cape May, NJ

This past week was spent in Cape May, NJ with numerous family members.  We tent camped just like at the church campout last weekend. If you're counting...that makes seven days in a tent.  Two of the five nights it poured rain. The second was the huge storm that knocked out over a million peoples power in Ohio, that first went through NJ, right where we were camping. Yep, monstrous winds whipping the tent which caused us to run to the in-laws motor home where I had the worst night of sleep in my life. We had nine people in a motor home built for four.
Wait...I titled this blog, "Awesome time on vacation in Cape May, NJ". So what made it so great?  Time with family, swimming in the ocean, seeing dolphins swimming beside the boat, percolated coffee made on my Coleman stove and simply being unplugged for a week.

2012 Encounter Church Campout

This past weekend was our annual campout. I look at it as our best opportunity for Encounter families to connect with each other. Spending two full days talking, boating, fishing, swimming and eating together.
Sunday's service also saw eight people get baptized which was really special. 
You can view all sorts of pics. on our church's FB page. 
Just follow this link: http://www.facebook.com/groups/encounterchurch.us/

Guatemala Spaghetti Lunch Fundraiser

This past Sunday, June 10th, Encounter had a lunch to raise money to help finalize the funds needed for those going to Guatemala this summer. It was a fun time for those going to serve the rest of the congregation and work together as a team.
Our people didn't disappoint. Their generosity was great. $2,532.61 was raised!!!
Thanks Encounter Church for showing that you believe in helping the less fortunate.

GROW - Leadership Community

This mornings LC was great.  Sarah Knepper was our guest speaker on our core value Grow.
Having it in a home makes it cozy and the time together as leaders is so good. As usual, we had an elder Q & A time and broke into ministry groups for training, accountability and prayer.