Saturday, May 22, 2010

Creation Museum

One of the things Abby & Sara wanted for their 10th birthday was to go to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. We've been many times in t
he past and each time there has been something new and interesting to
see and learn about. We are charter members of the museum and have four free passes to hand to anyone wanting to visit. If you're in the Columbus area and ever want to go, give us a call and we'll hook you up. It's just over 2 hours from our home to the museum.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Last Small Group

Wouldn't you know that for our last small group everyone finally showed up:-) Melissa & I arrived a little late b/c we were at Zach's jazz band concert. Once we got to the Jacob's everyone was enjoying the lasagna and cheesy garlic bread Tiffany Holibaugh brought. When we went outside on the deck we got to talk about when we'll meet over the summer for BBQ's, do a neighborhood Bible club, what night we're going to meet on in the Fall and that we'll all be at the campout together June 25-27. We decided that the Billeaud's would host a BBQ and a NBC and the Spoelstra's a BBQ. We're going to try every other Friday night in the Fall and make it a Bible study/date night each time. Should be fun.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Special Day with the Twins

Today is Abby & Sara's 10th birthday. Wow, double digits! I got to go on a four hour field trip to COSI with them and was Sara's group leader with six other kids. It was nice to interact with their friends and teachers throughout the day. Once the trip was over I had about an hour before picking them up again with Zach and we all headed for allergy shots. Zach, Sara & Rachel now all get an allergy shot once a week. After that I had a coaching call with with my NewThing coach Troy McMahon and two other church planters also in the NewThing Network. Once that was over the kids and I had supper at Subway (I'm partial to the 6" tuna sub with pepper jack cheese, lettuce and green peppers). Once supper was over I dropped Zach off at home so Melissa could take him to EMS and headed to the mall with the girls. The twins have been waiting for years to get their ears pierced and Melissa was gracious enough to let me be the one to experience that with them. It went really well and our friends Tom & Joann Balliett walked by at the perfect time b/c in the rush to get there I had forgotten our camera. So these next pics. are compliments of the Balliett camera:-)

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Message Series and Elders Commissioned

This past Sunday we completed the process of installing elders into our church plant. It's been about a seven month process. It was my pleasure to speak about, introduce and pray for these elders and their wives: Rob & Carolyn Dubois, Luke & Beth Fields, Kyle & Kristi Mielke, Bill & Janetta Sinzinger, Sean & Melissa Spoelstra, and Chuck & Deb Taylor. I told the congregation that these folks are not perfect but that they will lead by example whether in failure or success. They were reminded that their role is to watch over the souls of people as they shepherd God's flock (Hebrews 13:17).

I also kicked off a new four week series in the book of Nehemiah called, "The Leader Within". I hadn't read the book in years and am really excited to preach/teach through it. You can listen to the first message titled, "The Heart of a Leader" by CLICKING HERE and then scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Yesterday's service was packed with many things. We first had a great worship set led by Dalan Zartman on keyboards & vocals, Rob Dubois and Jennifer Painter on guitars & vocals and Scott Schweitzer on drums. Then we did Family Dedications for the first time with three families: Field's, Svendsen's and Zartman's. Pat Kearney hosted the morning and at one point shared about how this Mother's Day was the five year anniversary of his mother's home going and then Bacho Bordjadze told the
congregation about how he's thankful Encounter is supporting Ryan Janosko as a missionary to the OSU campus with Campus Crusade for Christ. We're excited as a congregation to partner with their Thursday night ministry, "Real Life", that has between 600-800 OSU college students.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Leadership Community #7

Well today we had LC again. The last one was supposed to be in March but was cancelled due to a snow storm and we don't have LC in April because of Easter. So it'd been awhile since our leaders had been together.
Today we started out enjoying some coffee and Timbits as we connected. Then I ask the group to share things they are celebrating. I told the group that the McCaman's have a new job and that we've begun supporting Ryan Janosko with his ministry at OSU with Campus Crusade for Christ. I also asked those who went to Exponential 2010 in Orlando, FL. with me to share about their experience. Deb Taylor, Kyle Mielke and Phil & Jen Hill all spoke. Just before breaking into our specific ministry groups I asked everyone to pray for people who they know are not yet followers of Christ.
It's a busy time no doubt so I really appreciated those who made the effort to attend this month.
Tomorrow is Mother's Day and the service is packed with many good things including three families dedicating themselves to the Lord. I'll tell you more about with pics. in the next day or two.

Monday, May 3, 2010

2nd Annual Eli Pinney Work Day

Last Saturday a good number of our people joined forces again this year with Tartan Fields and Muirfield residents to do general maintenance in and around Eli Pinney Elementary. We are so thankful for the weekly use of this building for our Sunday morning services. It was touch and go with the rain but a bunch of our men dug up and pulled out some large dead shrubs and laid down some mulch. It was great to see some kids joining in on the sering as well.