Sunday, October 24, 2010

Heading to Cancun with my babe!

We are so excited...Melissa and I are heading to Cancun, Mexico tomorrow morning at 4:00am to stay at the Royal Myan Hotel for five days. It's for our 15 year anniversary. We've been looking forward to it since our 10 year ann.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Back to the book of Jonah

This Sunday I'll be preaching out of Jonah chapters 2 and 3. Two weeks ago I read the entire book to the congregation from a rocking chair:-) It's only 48 verses. It's amazing what we can learn about God and ourselves from a book that too many look at as a children's story. Come by this Sunday if you can or listen to it on line on Monday.

Hosting Real Life

Last night was a fun experience when nine of us from Encounter took down hundreds and hundreds of cookies and other treats to the Campus Crusade for Christ, Real Life gathering held at OSU. We also passed out about 100 Encounter water bottles and hundreds of contact cards. I made rice krispie squares for the occasion and shared some with the host who introduced me to the crowd. I ended up being a little silly, throwing water bottles into the balcony and handing out my treats to those who had a number under their chair. I made Ryan Janosko help me as my lovely assistant. He has served faithfully at Encounter for well over a year and Encounter supports him monthly so he is able to be on CCC staff.
After the evening was over our team got together to debrief and pray. Some of those who served that night will share about their experience this Sunday morning during the testimony time of the service.
After the team went home I helped a little with the tear down and then joined dozens of the students at Champs by the Lennox Theater. I sat with Josh Howard, the worship band leader, and his crew until after midnight. Good times.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Great time on Sunday

Yesterday was such a great day, having our new friends from the worship band Azalia lead us in praise of our awesome God and my buddy Daniel Wallace preaching made it fun to learn the Word of God. We had our largest Sunday morning attendance ever: 186

Monday, October 11, 2010

Special Sunday Service

This coming Sunday we've got a real treat. My good friend Daniel Wallace, director of Gull Lake Ministries, will be guest speaking. He's funny, dynamic and speaks with great passion and conviction. We also have the pleasure of being lead in worship by a band that guest lead back in early September. Their named Azalia and they are four young adults sold out to Christ with a desire to lead God's people in authentic worship of the King of Kings.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Preaching from the book of Jonah

This morning I had the pleasure of beginning a three week series through the Old Testament book of Jonah. It's only 48 verses long so for fun I sat in a rocking chair and read the whole book:-)

After the service we had our threefold communion service. I love the teaching that comes out of doing communion that way. The bread and cup represent the past work of Christ on the cross, the footwashing the daily need for cleansing from sin in the present, and the meal pointing to the banquet we will enjoy with our Savior in the future.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Davis MS match up against Crusaders

Last night Zach's team played against the Worthington Christian Crusaders. It was slated as a "B" games so I was hoping to see Zach get a bunch of play time. However, I think WCS gave Davis a run for their money. Our "A" team was on the field virtually the entire game. In the third quarter the Crusaders were ahead but when it was all done, Davis kept their no-lose record. The final score was 27-22. That's the best any team has done against us this season.
Here's a shot of Zach and his buddy Ben Betulius. His dad Steve is one of the coaches and a good friend of mine that attends Grace Church.