Friday, October 22, 2010

Hosting Real Life

Last night was a fun experience when nine of us from Encounter took down hundreds and hundreds of cookies and other treats to the Campus Crusade for Christ, Real Life gathering held at OSU. We also passed out about 100 Encounter water bottles and hundreds of contact cards. I made rice krispie squares for the occasion and shared some with the host who introduced me to the crowd. I ended up being a little silly, throwing water bottles into the balcony and handing out my treats to those who had a number under their chair. I made Ryan Janosko help me as my lovely assistant. He has served faithfully at Encounter for well over a year and Encounter supports him monthly so he is able to be on CCC staff.
After the evening was over our team got together to debrief and pray. Some of those who served that night will share about their experience this Sunday morning during the testimony time of the service.
After the team went home I helped a little with the tear down and then joined dozens of the students at Champs by the Lennox Theater. I sat with Josh Howard, the worship band leader, and his crew until after midnight. Good times.

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