Saturday, May 8, 2010

Leadership Community #7

Well today we had LC again. The last one was supposed to be in March but was cancelled due to a snow storm and we don't have LC in April because of Easter. So it'd been awhile since our leaders had been together.
Today we started out enjoying some coffee and Timbits as we connected. Then I ask the group to share things they are celebrating. I told the group that the McCaman's have a new job and that we've begun supporting Ryan Janosko with his ministry at OSU with Campus Crusade for Christ. I also asked those who went to Exponential 2010 in Orlando, FL. with me to share about their experience. Deb Taylor, Kyle Mielke and Phil & Jen Hill all spoke. Just before breaking into our specific ministry groups I asked everyone to pray for people who they know are not yet followers of Christ.
It's a busy time no doubt so I really appreciated those who made the effort to attend this month.
Tomorrow is Mother's Day and the service is packed with many good things including three families dedicating themselves to the Lord. I'll tell you more about with pics. in the next day or two.

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