Monday, July 2, 2012

Mark Artrip Preaches on July 1st

Knowing I wouldn't be back in town for Sunday, July 1st, I asked my buddy Mark Artrip to preach for me. He and his wife Kristin are the couple who will be leading the Movement Church plant to Hilliard in February 2013.  The plan is for him to join me on staff on August 1st for six months. We call it a leadership residency. It will allow he and I to spend tons of time together (sorry Mark) and also for him to teach, train, dream and pray with his launch team before launching.
I got a few pics. from people during the service which made me a little nervous.
You see, Mark and I have been friends for over seven years and we enjoy playing pranks on each other.
This pic. sent by one of our members concerns me most.

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