Sunday, November 1, 2009

Encounter Church gives

In yesterdays blog entry I said I'd tell you what our November 1st offering was b/c we're giving it all away to Grace Brethren International Missions (GBIM).
Before I tell you I wanted to let you know how the morning went. As I told you yesterday my friend Rob Comfort was going to co-preach with me. As it turns out when we connected this morning before the service I saw how much he had prepared and felt like I should just hand over most of the service to him. So I opened the morning up with some verses out of Proverbs and some general statements about being generous and then brought Rob up to interview him. After five questions I sat down and Rob spoke humbly from his heart about how essential biblical giving is. You did a great job Rob! If you'd like to hear the message CLICK HERE.
Now before I tell you this amount I'd like to preface it with this:

*I'm not telling you to brag about how great Encounter Church is
*I'm not telling you so you can figure out how much our new church is bringing in weekly
*I'm not telling you so other partnering churches can feel better or worse depending on what they gave

I am telling you so that you can celebrate what God is doing through His people at Encounter.

To God's glory we are sending a check for $5,863.00 to GBIM.


Kary Oberbrunner said...

Great update all around.
Thanks Sean.

Sean S. Spoelstra said...

Thanks for reading the blog Kary. I love hearing from you.