Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Your Secret Name

I've told you in the past about my good buddy, Kary Oberbrunner. He and I pastored together for over seven years at my mother church and were workout buds three times a week for 5 1/2yrs. Well he's got another book coming out and I just saw the promo video for it and wanted to share it with you. The book is titled, "Your Secret Name" and comes out in September. It will be his fourth book. I'm so proud of my friend for using so well the gifts God has entrusted him with.


Kary Oberbrunner said...

Thanks Sean.

It's refreshing to have someone who believes in me...whether when I'm on the bench lifting or writing.

Excited what God is doing at Encounter.

Sean S. Spoelstra said...

I love you man! :-)