Friday, April 30, 2010


I'd love to say that I'd been abducted by aliens for the last month and that be the reason I haven't done a blog entry. But I don't even believe in aliens. The truth is I've been trying to hot sync my phone to my computer to be able to add pics. to my blog entries. I actually have five blog entries started that are still waiting for the pics. to join them. Alas, I have failed again to connect my phone so now I'll just briefly share some of the highlights of the last month.
*we had our first men's overnight at a lake house and it was a very bonding time for the dozen or so that came
*during this years Easter service we saw eight people get baptized and it was our highest attended service to date (175)
*last week myself and four of our ministry coaches went to Exponential 2010, a church planters conference in Orlando, FL. It was a great place to be inspired to continue doing ministry and a bonding experience for the five of us.
*this coming Sunday will be the final message of our 10 week "ALL IN" series teaching about what we believe theologically. I'll be speaking about what membership looks like at Encounter.
*our process of installing elders is almost finished. Last Sunday and this Sunday I went public with their names and am giving our congregation the opportunity to share any concerns. I hope to officially announce who will be leading as elders by the middle of May.
Well that's the very short version of what's been going on. Of course there are other things but you'll have to call me to find out more:-)
I hope to get back on track with blog entries. I'm shooting for 1 or two a week.

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