Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sunday, November 7th

This Sunday I'll be starting a new three week message series titled, "Chasing the Almighty". I love the double meaning in that title because it knocks me upside the head about what my focus is in life with my God and "my" finances. I put "my" in parenthesis b/c it forces me to ask the question, "Is the money I make and handle really mine?"
I invite you to listen to what God's Word says about giving and let the Holy Spirit do His work in your life and mine.
The series ends on November 21st when as a church we will gift our entire mornings offering to the Grace Brethren International Missions (GBIM). They are a partnering ministry within the fellowship of churches we are part of that employs missionaries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.
This Sunday is also Orphan Sunday. Our people have a heart to see the forgotten, lost and neglected be cared for. God's Word speaks clearly about His heart for the orphan and this Sunday we will remind our people about the commitments we've made to love our sponsor children in Cruz Blanca, Guatemala and those here in our own communities.

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