Friday, March 11, 2011

2011 Men's Overnight

About 25 men are carpooling down to a lake house for the evening and most of Saturday. It will be a time to laugh and joke but also be challenged about the anger we have in our lives. Tonight Pat Kearney will be giving a short testimony about anger in his life as well as Adam Koloff leading in a talk about why we get angry. Tomorrow morning Michael Preininger will show us about how Jesus handled anger and I'll finish off with some practical tips on managing our anger and having the guys get into groups and look at "Five Angry Guys" from the OT. On the way down each car will be listening to an Andy Stanley message on anger to help get us prepared for the weekend.
From what I see signed up to go there's a good cross section of the congregation: young adults to older men and newer guys to original launch team members. Every elder is signed up too:-)
I provide pics soon.

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