Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back from vacation

Last night we returned home from a week and a half vacation. The first three days we were at my sisters place helping her family get some jobs done around the new house they bought. Her hubby Trevor and I were on fence duty. We dug, poured concrete and put posts into 16 holes and then screwed railings into place. Melissa painted the ceiling of the kitchen and living rooms and Zach painted a big storage container and play fort. The girls got to go with Oma and Opa (grandparents in Dutch) to the lake and on bikes rides. After our time with the deVries' we headed off to Gull Lake Ministries ( in Michigan. This was our fourth time to go as a family and we just love it! Great food (17 meals made for us), amazing activites, speakers and friends to share our time with while we're there. Too many pics to post here so go to my FB account to view them.

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