Tuesday, June 17, 2008

10 More Days

It's Friday afternoon June 20, 2008 and I am on staff at Grace Church in Powell, Oh for just 10 more days. I've been on staff since June 1st, 1998. That's right, 10 years have gone by and it's been the greatest experiences of my life...so far. Because in 10 days I become a "church planter". I have the great privilege of being sent by a loving Mother-church who is providing me close to a dozen of her finest people and my entire salary and benefits for this first year.
About a month ago we had our first "launch team" meeting on May 22 with my Sr. Pastor, Rick Nuzum, there at my side. He allowed me to cast vision for this group of families committed to reaching the Dublin-Jerome area for Christ. Here's a few pics. from that night.

For my sweetheart Melissa and I, this has been almost a two year journey living out God's will for our lives. I gotta tell ya, I am a very blessed man to have this woman stand beside me these 13 years of marriage. She is totally for doing this new ministry. This next week we will be attending a boot camp for church planters in York, PA. It should give us some real meat-n-potatoes on how to move ahead with this team of people.

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