Sunday, June 29, 2008

What a Great Day!

This was one full day.
First we got the family to church by 9:30am to catch the last 15 minutes of Pastor Rick's first service message. Then he had Melissa and I with the kids come up onto the stage. He and I both said a few things and then he read the names of the 13 launch team families. He then invited the congregation to surround the families where they were and lay hands on them while he prayed. It was a very meaningful moment. Here's a pic. of the group of us. There are just four people missing. Including them, there are 61 individuals on the Encounter Church launch team with a baby set to be born any day. What a blessed pastor I am!
Then after the two services eight of the families headed to Liberty Park for a picnic under a shelter house. That was a time for the group to get re-acquainted since some of these families hardly know each other.
After a few hours at the park we headed straight for the Dublin South pool until we got totally rained out.
We were home for less than an hour when we turned right around and headed back to the church for what will probably be our last communion with our mother church. It was a very special time.
In two days I head off to Ontario, Canada where I'm from. I plan on visiting most of my familiy members and old homes I lived in throughout my youth. There are also a bunch of friends I'll see along the way too. I hope to at least get one post in while I'm there.

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