Sunday, November 9, 2008

First Baptism Service

Today was the long anticipated day for Encounter Church's first baptism service. We had twenty people scheduled until I received a phone call last night from my friend Matt Berner. He had heard we were doing baptism's and wanted to join us. I was honored to be asked. So this morning there were twenty-one boys, girls and adults who obeyed the Lord's command found in Matthew 28:18-20.
I spoke about this day being a "Marked Moment" in each of their lives. A day to look back on and remember what Christ has done for them. Then we heard each person answer two questions: Are you a follower of Jesus Christ? and Why are you being baptized today? It was encouraging to hear of their commitment to our Lord. Dalan Zartman and Rob Dubois then led the group in a few worship songs. Once the testimonies were finished the group headed across the hallway to the pool.
It was nice to see a variety of friends and family members in attendance. Once all the baptisms were finished I invited anyone else in the crowd who knew they were a follower of Christ and hadn't yet been baptized to come into the water and I would baptize them. There were no takers but I wanted to at least extend the offer.

Enjoy these pictures from the morning.

Encounter Church Baptism's 2008-11-09

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Andy Wirt said...

That is so exciting, Sean and Encounter Team. I celebrate all God is doing with you all.