Monday, November 3, 2008

The Ordinances: Baptism & Communion

Yesterday we were blessed to hear two couples testimonies on where and when Christ intersected their lives. Just before that we had a fun time reconnecting as always over a cup of coffee and some treats. First off was Bill & Angie Kelly and then Jeremy & Erica Hart. I am convinced that by each couple telling their story, the team is bonded together even more. I told everyone to listen carfully and follow up with each other because our lives may be used to minister into the life of someone else in the future.
Our topic of discussion yesterday was Biblical ordinances. Next week we have twenty adults and children being baptized so I thought it would be good for us to talk about it beforehand. Next we spoke about communion. It, if anything sets our fellowship of churches apart from most other denominations. We have a three-fold communion consisting of a light meal, footwashing and the bread & the cup. In all it is about an hour and a half experience where the believer reflects on the past, present and future work of Christ in our lives. I have come to love the way we do communion, though our heart is not to force it on others. As we say, "You can belong before you believe". Part of the meaning of this statement is that folks are welcome to simply observe and then decide if they want to participate. Of course as I spoke to the launch team I told them they're doing it or else:-)
Kristi Mielke also offered the group an opportunity to partner with our mother church in purchasing a meal and delivering it to a needy family in Delaware County.

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