Monday, December 8, 2008


Last night was really fun. Our mother church allowed us to use their very nice basement for our Christmas party. It allowed the perfect combination for connecting, playing games, enjoying desserts and listening to to a couple share about how they came to follow Jesus Christ. We had a number of visitors and almost the entire launch team present. There was much laughter and some deep conversations. Melissa, my sweetheart, led a very fun game for the whole group. Here's how it is played: -three people sit on stools, something is read allowed that is only true about one of them but they all have to answer questions from the crowd as though it is true of all of them -then the crowd votes on who they think it is and then the person it is true about stands up.
View the pictures from Sunday night by CLICKING HERE, then read the captions and then vote yourself about who the statement is about.


Sissy said...

That sounds like a fun game! Hope you're having a great week! The boys and I are going to a kids Christmas party tomorrow and the girls are going to Oma's.

Sissy said...

Totally hilarious!!!!!! Can you tell me what the right answers are??? Were they actual questions? The milk squirting is pretty funny and the institution thing - did people guess it was you? :) I'm imagining that the story telling was really funny!!! So did you call all the people ahead of time and ask them for something funny about them then?? We might do it as a party game sometime.