Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Since We Last Met

This is the longest I've gone without an entry in months. With the normal busyness of life and then going to a mountain in West Virginia for Thanksgiving that was out of cell phone and internet range, I simply haven't been able to write. Sorry to make the three of you who read this blog wait so long:-)
Since we last met...I've moved into an office in Dublin, the launch team visited Marysville Grace Brethren Church on a Sunday morning, we bought an 18 foot trailer to store all our church supplies, our family went to WV and met up with all of Melissa's immediate family, I got my jeep covered in mud off-roading and we attended Grace Church, our mother church this past Sunday morning.
Here's a few pics. of our time in WV.


Sissy said...

I love your family photo!

markartrip said...

finally wearing the dave ramsey shirt as a non under shirt.