Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What a hoot!

Yesterday was really a privilege. Hang'n out with a bunch of pastors who are totally committed to seeing new churches and new church planting networks birth. We had meetings for about four hours led by Dave Ferguson with good food and discussions. I met a guy named Dave Richa who went to Moody Bible Institute at the same time as me and even lived on my floor just before I arrived. It was so fun talking about all the guys we knew.
After the meetings ended there was a surprise all of us. We were taken to a Chicago Cubs game but not in the ordinary way. If you are at all familiar with the stadium, we were actually across the street up on one of the roof tops. All our food and drinks were even comped. What a hoot!

Today we've got hours of more meetings talking/dreaming about how/when to see new churches launched from each of our churches over the next two years. I'm also personally looking for Encounter to have a leadership resident or two by this Fall.

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