Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mike and Emily McCaman in the house!

This Sunday Encounter Church has Mike & Emily McCaman and baby Noah visiting. The two of them will talk about their present and future adventures church planting in Mexico City. Mike will also be preaching the message.
They along with Matt & Cheryl Storer are our two officially sponsored missionaries. Rather than our little church body trying to help and get to know a dozen or more missionary families, we've decided for now, to have just two. That way we can give more and deepen our relationships with just a few. Months ago it was decided to provide each of these two families with 5% of our Sunday morning offerings. Another 5% is put aside for benevolence and still another 5% for a future church plant to come out of Encounter. This adds up to 20% of our gross offerings marked for Give Away. This is one of the ways Encounter lives out the vision statement: "Seeking HIS Kingdom First".
I sorta joked with both families about not being able to give them a set amount of money monthly but that they should pray for numerical growth at Encounter. The more people attending, the more finances given, the more quickly their needs will be met:-)

From what I remember the only thing holding the McCaman's back from being in Mexico City right now is finances. They speak the language, have been trained, have their passports & paperwork in order and have a team of people waiting for their arrival. Checkout their blog to learn more about them or go to our website for their contact info. and call them yourselves.


Mike said...

What a great looking family!

Sean S. Spoelstra said...

Mmm, ya and such a good preacher too. He's got it all!