Thursday, July 9, 2009

Operation Barnabas @ Encounter's VBS

I told you in my last entry that during the 4th of July parade we handed out Frisbees with VBS info. on them. What I didn't mention was that for two of the five nights we'd have 30 high schoolers joining us. They were with the ministry group, Operation Barnabas or OB, a six week ministry team for 10th-12th graders. They go all over the United States and do whatever churches need doing.
For us they went on prayer walks in Dublin neighborhoods (including my own), handed out over 5000 of our contact cards and put on an awesome presentation with clowns, puppets and teaching. I know you may be thinking - cornball - but really, it was good. They picked great upbeat and fun music. Even sang a song from HS Musical. Here's some pics. and a silly video of them singing with the kids.

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