Thursday, January 21, 2010

Encounter Church Gives

Last week I had been e-mailed by a few of my NewThing Network buddies who were having special offerings for the relief work in Haiti. It inspired me to do the same. After checking in with all our ministry coaches, small group leaders and apprentice leaders, this is what we decided to do. We emptied our benevolence fund and took up a special offering at the end of our service. The total of the two added up to $5,485.00.
Our desire is to be a generous church body and there's no better way to become generous than to seize opportunities to be generous.
I heard a pastor friend of mine named Troy McMahon say, "Generosity is like a muscle. The more you work it, the stronger it gets". He's right and we're on our way to strengthening that muscle.
We sent our gift to VisionTrust International where my buddy Matt Storer is the president. As you may know he is also one of Encounter's officially supported missionaries. He has a work in the Dominican Republic and knows others with the hospital and orphanage pictured here. They are both right on the Haiti-DR border in the city of Jimani, DR. That is where our monies have gone. Matt also tells me that the US government has chosen the site and has set up a large scale treatment center there.
CLICK HERE to see the site via Google Maps.
To God Be The Glory.

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