Saturday, January 16, 2010

One Year Anniversary of our First Church Service

This coming Sunday, January 17th, marks the one year point of holding Sunday morning services at Eli Pinney Elementary. How could that much time have gone by already?! I still remember with fondness meeting at the YMCA in Powell with the original launch team of 13 families dreaming of what we would become.
The message this week has to do with our core value, Grow. The congregation will be reintroduced to all our small group leaders and apprentice leaders as well as the leaders of our men and women's Bible studies. They will also hear from Sheila Persall and Chuck Taylor about how they feel they've grown in their relationship with Christ and other followers through being committed to a small group.
As kindly and clearly as we can, we'll be letting attenders once again know that if they want to be part of Encounter Church, being in a small group is a must. Serving in some capacity, esp. on a Sunday morning, is also a must but that's next weeks message:-) Growth happens through being committed to a community of believers. Not simply attending a one hour service once a week.
After the service we'll be celebrating with a threefold communion: a meal picturing the future marriage supper of the Lamb for all true believers, footwashing which represents our daily need for forgiveness and connection with God and the bread and the cup which reminds us of the sacrifice Christ made on the cross for our sins. It's always a special time for the Body. To learn more about the theology of why we do communion this way, Click Here. There are even some pictures at this link for you to see what we do.

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