Friday, July 16, 2010

Fun times at Gull Lake Ministries

Oh ya, we just got back from another great year with with some old and new friends at Gull Lake Ministries. Every time we've gone there have been more and better things to do. This summer the long awaited Ministry Center is fully in use. With indoor climbing walls and a four lane bowling alley, to a big gym, a running track, pickleball courts, games room, snack shack and a book store, this building is really multi-purpose ready.
The staff of godly college students from various Bible colleges truly show our kids what service for Christ's sake really looks like. They say they'd rather go to Gull Lake than Disney. Could that be true. You'll have to ask them.
For Melissa it's a true week off of cooking meals, cleaning the house and carting the kids off to activities. The 17 meals and over 30 hours of childcare can bring back some sanity to the life of any parent feeling under the pile:-)
I'll put some pics. up tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Gull Lake is a wonderful place and God has his fingerprints all over it. Kirby Anderson's presentations were as challenging as they were informative. Our daughters had a ball with the staff.

It was great getting acquainted with you and your family. Karyl & I will definitely make plans to come visit your church family soon. Blessings,

Dave Brown & Family

Sean S. Spoelstra said...

It was a super time at Gull Lake! It'll be fun to have you guys visit. Just don't make it this Sunday b/c I'm gonna be in Guatemala:-)