Sunday, June 27, 2010

Campout 2010

We're all home now from what was a great family campout. This was the largest on we've ever experienced in the last 11 years. As you'll see from the pics. below there were lots of fun things to do. We sure appreciate Uncle Dave and the folks at Camp Cotubic. They were great host. I'd like to send a shout out to Carolyn Dubois as well for doing a super job organizing the registration, food and lodging for the campout.
On Friday night a couple I've known from WOL Island in the early 1990's, Bud & Beth Brentlinger, stopped by to say hi. They live in Bellefontaine and are on the board for Cotubic. Bud offered to take Zach and I up in a plane on Saturday afternoon. If was great fun and that's why you see the ariel shots of the camp. Those are our actual people at the waterfront:-)
Normally at our campouts we have people give their testimony of how they came to follow Christ and what their learning in their relationship with Him now. So Friday night Adam Koloff spoke and then Saturday night Rob & Diana Baiocchi shared. It was encouraging to hear their different stories.
As is also normal for our campouts, on Saturday morning the guys took all the kids fishing so the ladies could have some time to themselves, bonding around the campfire.
This morning was a very special time as 10 people got baptized. Nine were scheduled and one chose to do it when were at the beach. These are really bonding times for Encounter Church as we continue to Seek HIS Kingdom First.

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