Sunday, June 6, 2010

Good-bye to the Painter's

This morning in the service we got to celebrate the lives of Matthew & Jennifer Painter. They have been part of Encounter since the very first practice service on February 1, 2009. Over this past year they both got involved in our small groups and served on Sunday mornings: Matthew with Ekids and Jennifer with the worship team. They are moving to Wyoming this month b/c of a job Matthew has taken at the University of Wyoming to be a sociology professor. After I spoke about them and how we have deeply appreciated their being part of our church body, they spoke about their experience of Encounter being the first church they've been part of as a newly married couple. I asked the elders to come up and lay hands on them as I prayed for their future as a couple and that they would find a new local church body to grow with.
We will miss having them with us. I pray there will be people to fill the ministry positions they leave behind.

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