Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today's Service

I must tell you that when I walked into the school this morning and saw the seven members of the worship band practicing I was blown away! That's the most people we've ever had leading on a Sunday morning. I feel that our worship has been led very well by Dalan Zartman, our worship & creative arts coach and also by Rob Dubois his apprentice. But these two are now taking it to another whole level. They are beginning pass on the leading to other faithful men and women and it's exciting to me that the whole congregation gets to witness it. They are living out our core value MULTIPLY, which I spoke about this morning. You can also see Chrissy Jacobs hosting the service and Greg Blatt giving a testimony about his trip to Bulgaria with his sister to rescue a little gal from an orphanage. All together it was a powerful morning.

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