Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rally for Life

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending the Greater Columbus Right to Life, "Rally for Life" in front of the Statehouse.
I was asked to close the time in prayer after three ladies spoke on the topic of pro-life. One of the ladies was Janet Porter,President of a ministry called, Faith 2 Action. She spoke about a bill being sent to Ohio's State Representatives: "The Heartbeat Bill". It basically is calling for protection of the child in the womb once the heart begins being. I asked Janet when that happens and she said it is between 18-24 days after conception. Often, this is before a woman even knows she's pregnant.
It was very cold and icy out, schools were all closed and most people must have assumed the event was cancelled. The 20 or so of us encouraged each other to go as sent ones to speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves.

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jack69 said...

Just surfing the Blogs. You have a good one, bet you guys are cold up there.
Presently we are full time RV'ers. Sounds like the church is going well for the glory of God.

Wising you the best in prayers.
Stay Warm and have a great Sunday!!

Jack Or jack & Sherry