Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dublin Pastor's Round Table

This morning I had the pleasure of hanging out with almost a dozen local area pastors. We got together for a few reasons. First to connect and get to know each other better. One way we did that was by telling our faith stories of how we came into relationship with Christ and when/why we were led into full-time ministry.
Another reason we got together was to share ideas of how we see Christ using us to reach the communities we live and minister in.
Some of us have established church bodies with land and buildings and others rent schools or industrial buildings to meet in weekly.
I know for us at Encounter, we believe our ministry is more de-centralized in nature. That is to say that 99% of our following Christ happens outside of the weekly gathering we have at Eli Pinney Elementary. Assembling together for a church service is vital no doubt, but is sometimes over emphasized in our culture. Christ has sent each of His followers to be on mission for Him wherever they find themselves.

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