Tuesday, November 29, 2011

December Message Series

I love preaching during the Christmas season.
This year will be a little different than normal for a number of reasons. I'll be talking about some topics not always covered in traditional circles.
The weeks and titles are laid out as follows:

Dec. 4 - A War Story
Dec. 11 - A Justice Story
Dec. 18 - A Love Story
Dec. 24 - A Never Ending Story (5:00pm)

The as elders we decided to not have a morning service on Sunday, December 25th so families can have that time for themselves. Then for Sunday, January 1st we moved the service start time to 11:00am and will include children in the room from three years and up. I traditionally speak about our vision as a church on this first Sunday of the year and it has been affectionately called the "Walnuts & Rice" message:-). If you don't know what that means maybe you need to be there to find out.
Also knowing there are several individuals wanting to get baptized, I announced last week that we'd do that on the 1st as well.
After the service we're having a good 'ol fashion potluck lunch.
Time together with the Body of Christ over food after a celebratory service. Good stuff:-)

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