Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fun times with the fam

This week for Thanksgiving we had Melissa's sister Marcie, her hubby Michael and their three kids Justice, Audra and Noah over. What a great time together. We love having them
over. There's a long history or friendship because we all went to Moody Bible Institute back in the early 90's. A guy who used to be my classmate has now been my brother-in-law for almost two decades. He's a pastor as well so we have plenty to talk about:-)
Our five days included lots of eating, drinking, game playing, going to the Creation Museum (thus the pic of the large snake) and going out for coffee and a movie.
We head to NJ in June b/c they live near the Jersey Shore. Ahhh, Cape May in the summer. Already looking forward to that:-)

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