Thursday, January 26, 2012


From the very start of Encounter Church's launch team gatherings back in the Fall of 2008, before we began having church services, we spoke of our dream to "multiply" ourselves through planting a church. We weren't even an established church ourselves yet but knew we wanted to follow God's command of "go make disciples" found in Matthew 28:19.
For the longest time I've communicated, "We don't know where or when or who, but we are committed to the idea of planting a church out of Encounter and are putting our money where our mouths are." 5% of all tithes and offering have been put aside for this dream God placed in our hearts.
Of course, our core value multiply has within it more than simply church planting. It includes what we call the 2-2-2 Principle. The Apostle Paul in his letter to his young apprentice Timothy, explains how to "multiply" the message of the Gospel (2 Timothy 2:2). It basically explains what having an apprentice in any ministry role looks like. Whether someone is a Sunday school teacher or an elder in the church, there needs to be someone you are mentoring and someone you are being mentored by. The chart below shows what it looks like to pass a ministry on to an individual or to a whole group of people in the case of planting a new church.
Come this Sunday to hear more about the "Where, When and Who" as it pertains to Encounter Church's future church plant.

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