Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Full Sunday

This past Sunday Melissa & I had a very full day. First we had the launch team meeting to lead together. It was a packed house with my parents visiting and our newest team members Larry & Carol Hall joining us for the first time. We had a shorter connecting time b/c there was so much to accomplish in the meeting. Like all other meetings, we started with a team member couple giving their testimony of recieving Christ as Savior. Luke & Beth Fields were this morning. The goal was to have each person assigned to a Sunday morning service position and also talk about how we will do membership.
My sister and her husband Trevor with their five children were in town with my parents for my ordination service which was at 3:00pm.
Pastor Jim Custer powerfully preached a short message from II Timothy 4:1-5 and Pastor Rick Nuzum led Melissa & I through serious vows. Five Grace Church elders laid hands and prayed over us as we knelt: Ed Jackson, Jeff Martin, Brad Fulton, Dale Dunn, and Rick Nuzum. All those in attenance were also invited to surround us as the men prayed. It was clearly a marked moment in my life and for the launch team as we move ahead with Encounter Church.
Once the service was over we had the opportunity to speak in the lobby to most of those who attended. I was truly honored by those who came out to support us.
Once we arrived back home we had only 20 mins. before heading out to the Taylor small group by 6:00pm. That was an enjoyable time as we spoke about what we had learned from our study of Matthew 4-6.

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