Monday, October 6, 2008


It was good to be back at the YMCA in Powell again. Fran, the lady who unlocks the building for us has been such a gracious host. Some of the team were out doing various other activities so our numbers were a little less than normal. As always, we started out with a time to connect and have a cup of coffee. The problem this week was the machine hadn't been turned on. So Rob, being "johnny on the spot" stepped in and helped. Notice the water streaming out of the machine with no pot under it:-)
The meeting started with Rob & Carolyn Dubois giving their testimony of receiving Christ as Savior. It was moving to hear all that God has done in their lives.
We spoke about the core value SERVE and why it is so important for the follower of Christ:

-to follow Christ’s example / to bring praise/glory to the Father / it is what we were created for / because our world values it and it helps us gain “favor”.

I also shared a few quotes about serving that I heard in a seminar while attending the church planters conference Exponential '08:

Good deeds, create good will, that allow you to share the Good News”.

Evangelism is the ultimate goal, not the ulterior goal”. (we will serve even if we aren't able to share Christ)
The last thing we spoke about was who we are to serve and in what order of priority: Our own family - Other followers of Christ - Our employers - Our neighbors

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