Monday, January 19, 2009

Ministry Training Meeting at Eli Pinney 01-18-09

Yesterday was a great morning for the launch team. Many of us got to the school early to set-up and figure out where things should go. Then at 10:15am Dalan and Rob called us together to sing. After three worship songs we heard a testimony from Bill & Janetta Sinzinger on how they came into a relationship with Jesus Christ and what He has done in their lives over the many years they've called Him their Lord. Once they were done I told the group we had something to celebrate: our sister church, Marysville Grace, gave us a very generous gift to help in the start-up of our "Baby Church". This was especially a thing to praise God for since I was going to ask Clancy Cruise, the pastor at Marysville Grace, if they would consider giving us some funds to help with start-up costs. God's timing can be pretty amazing! We took an offering and sang one more song before breaking into the different ministry groups: Children's (called E-Kids) - led by Deb Taylor, Hospitality - led by Carol Hall and Facilities - led by Larry Hall. Each of these ministry coaches talked through the expectations of those serving and some practiced what they'll actually be doing each week. I had the pleasure of meeting with about nine visitors and giving them a brief history of ENCOUNTER CHURCH. Around noon we packed everything up and put it in the 18ft. trailer we bought months ago. There is still things needing to be done like revising our website, making a few more brochures, finalizing our indoor and outdoor signage, figuring out how we're going to use all the audio eqipment we purchased, etc. etc. Now that I listed that all out, I'm more scared than ever. Time to keep praying!

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