Friday, February 13, 2009

North Central Ohio (NCO) Pastor's Fellowship

About every two months or so there is a gathering of pastors from approx. 25 churches that get together and have a light breakfast, a time of social connecting and then report on what's going on in their various ministries. Yesterday's focus was on the five different church plants in the region. The five of us were given ten minutes each to share where we were at in the process of launching our new church. After each of us shared a group of men gathered around us, laying hands on us as they prayed. If you've ever experienced it you know it's humbling and an honor to have done.
In the picture of me below I'm explaining to the group about a promotion/info. piece on each of the five plants. We hope to have every church in the district provide them for their congregations. The point is not to steal people from our existing churches but to have attenders tell their friends, who may not have a church home, that there is a new one in their area. CLICK HERE to view the info. piece.
Below my picture is Andy Wirt with ClearView in New Albany. To his right is is Shawn Kaeser talking about Darby Grace in Plain City. To his right is Eric Miller (the younger one:-) and Larry Totzke (the older one-hehe) with Capital City Grace in downtown Columbus. The bottom pic. is Doug Shotsky with Sterling Grace in Mt. Sterling. The group of us get together once a month to encourage each other, trade ideas and pray.

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