Saturday, February 28, 2009

Visitors Over for the Weekend

This afternoon my mom and step-father, Henk & Heidi Guther, arrived for the weekend. They will be here for Encounter's fifth service in Eli Pinney Elementary:-) We enjoy playing cards, drinking Tetley tea and having long talks with them. The kids were so excited for their arrival they waited outside for 20 minutes until they saw them coming down our street. It's so nice to have parents who are fully supportive of what we are doing with the church plant.
We have another visitor lately at our home as well. Like my parents, he'll be departing by Monday. One of the five squirrels in our backyard has been living high-on-the-hog in my BBQ. As you can see he's built quite a nice home for himself. Needless to say Melissa wants him evicted. Question: Do you have any funny animal stories to tell?

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