Thursday, March 5, 2009


This Saturday, March 7th, will be our first Leadership Community (LC) from 9-11AM at Eli Pinney Elem. This is a time for all the coaches, leaders and apprentice-leaders to CELEBRATE God thru worship, be excited about new members joining our team, hear vision for our future as a church body and meet in individual ministry groups. (i.e. hospitality, Ekids, set-up/tear-down, worship, etc.)

Here are a few other reasons for LC:

*there needed to be a time for just leaders to hang out together. Sunday mornings we all have our ministry tasks which doesn't leave a lot time to connect as leaders. Much of our focus Sunday mornings, appropriately, is on our guests.

*it allows me and others the opportunity to cast vision into the whole team at one time, in one place

In the past I've led or been in many committees all meeting on different nights of the week. That takes up a lot of time. LC will consolidate many meetings into one and will make for better communication.

*as major decisions are made for Encounter, these leaders will hear about them first. Leaders deserve to know what is going on first b/c of their commitment to the ministry and so they will have greater buy in

*as God brings growth we will all begin to naturally drift into other relationships (that's a good thing). LC will bring us back together as a committed core.

Let me know your thoughts after this Saturday's time together.

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