Monday, March 9, 2009

Great Camaraderie @ Our 1st Leadership Community

Saturday was exactly what I was hoping for!

The team of leaders coming together to worship God wholeheartedly, respond well to teaching and to meet together in ministry groups which drew them into deeper relationship. I joined the set-up and tear-down guys group for a bit and then went off to do some other things. When I came back they were praying together so I knelt and listened to these men pouring their hearts out to God. It is good to hear godly men pray, Amen?
I know there will be scheduling conflicts for everyone some time or another, but to have at least two-thirds of the team for the first leadership community was great!
If you're a Coach, Leader or Apprentice Leader in any of the ministries of Encounter Church, then Leadership Community on the first Saturday of every month from 9:00-11:00AM is where you ought to be:-)

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