Saturday, March 28, 2009

NewThing fieldtrip

I'm sitting in the Columbus airport right now waiting for my flight to Chicago to visit some of the NewThing folks. Some I know and some I'm going to meet for the first time. In becoming an affiliate church with their network they have asked that I become familiar with their "culture". So tomorrow I'm visiting their Plainfield church to see how they do things. I'll be helping set-up for the service and attend it and then hangout with a bunch of different pastors/leaders in the afternoon. In my absence one of our small group leaders, Jeff Persall, will be preaching at Encounter. I wish I could be there to hear him in person as it's his first time but I'll catch it later. I'm sure the team will do great tomorrow. I'm praying for them. I get back tomorrow night around 6pm.

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