Monday, March 9, 2009

High School V-Ball

It's Monday night and I'm ending my day by writing my blog. My body is worn out, but in a good way. I have the privilege of helping coach the Dublin Scioto High School Boy's Volleyball team. It's the HS my kids will attend someday if we don't move.
Two weeks ago I got an interview with the head coach and we hit it off right away. I've had a background check and TB test, now I need to get CPR certified and take a course on treatment for minor injuries. By doing all this I'll be able to head up the JV-b team on my own.
So my body is worn our because we had our first practice tonight and I really got into it. I tried doing all the drills coach handed out to the guys, but alas, they were a little much for my almost 40 year old body. Still, it was a blast. In one of the groups I was coaching there was a guy from Egypt, one from China, another from India, one from Mexico and me from Canada. I love it! Truly an international team.
I'll let you know how it goes over the next few weeks. The season is only from the middle of March to May.

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