Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Always a good time at the Taylors

Last night after a busy day of e-mails and phone calls the Spoelstra family headed over to Chuck & Deb Taylor's home like we have dozens of times over the last decade. There is always great food and fun waiting there to be had. This time it was a gathering of 20 somethings, most of whom are attending/serving at Encounter. I made the salad and Deb did everything else. The kids had already eaten at home thanks to my sweetheart so we shooed them downstairs where they played Guitar Hero, "till their fingers bled" (yes I'm a child of the 80's).
After much conversation and eating the group of us played a fun new game someone called "Fish Bowl". It's kind of like charades but you use the same words written on slips of paper three different times in three different ways. Anyways, it was cause for much laughter and silliness.
Families like the Taylor's are a great example to our little congregation in that they bring
together large and small groups of people for the purpose of connection and community. Sometimes it's inviting one or two couples to lunch after a Sunday morning service, other times it's a planned event.
Thanks Chuck & Deb.

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