Friday, June 19, 2009

Dessert Night

Tonight we had a meet and greet dessert night for one of Encounter's missionary families: Matt & Cheryl Storer.
It was held at the home of Rex & Laurie Elsass in the heart of Tartan Fields. About 15 of our people were there to hear the Storer's journey from corporate America to full time missionaries needing to raise support.
Here is a short description of Encounter's philosophy on missions: our leadership team decided months ago to have only two missionary families to support through prayer, finances and relationship. Each family is receiving 5% of our church's gross offerings. We are choosing to be different than many other churches in that we want to give much to a few rather than little to a lot. Until we reach our goal of providing the lions share of these two missionary families needed support, we won't officially give to another family. That's not to say that individuals in the church or small groups on their own couldn't give to another family. But for this next year the Storer and McCaman families are who we are supporting directly out of the church's budget.
Tomorrow there is a BBQ to promote VisionTrust to people in Coffman Park from 4-7pm. There will be fun stuff for the kids, live music and really good beef brisket!
Then Sunday Matt is preaching in Encounter's church service at 10:00am at Eli Pinney Elementary School in Tartan Fields, Dublin.

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