Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Way Too Long

Yes...if you've been reading these blogs you would agree that Sean has slacked off way too long! Sorry about that (he said in his Canadian accent).
Here's a quick update on my life since the last time I wrote.
*our twins, Abby & Sara turned 9 on May 19th
*we had my brother & sister-in-law and their 3 kids over for a week
*our kids all had there end of the year concerts
*May 24th we had our first communion service following the morning service which included a meal, foot washing, and the bread & the cup
*I spoke at Worthington Christian Schools 5th grade Over and Out campout (pictured)
*we fed the teachers breakfast at Eli Pinney Elementary for a retirement party
*with Brad Muschotts hard work two videos were made for Encounter Church (first to be shown at the June 6th Leadership Community)
*we had our first "DIVE" baptism class in preparation for our baptism service coming up in a few weeks at the all Encounter Church campout June 26-28
Now of course there are breakfast & lunch appointments, the baseball and softball games of my children and my own sand v-ball games on Sunday nights at a local sports bar. Not to mention putting on and getting ready for a Sunday morning service each week. I do love it all by the way. It just begins to dominate our lives sometimes.
Finally, last night I had the privilege to attend and speak at the Scioto Boys HS v-ball awards banquet. I was an unpaid volunteer for the season mostly b/c I knew I'd miss a bunch of games and practices. It was very rewarding though and I hope to do it next season. Two of the people I'm playing sand ball with I coached alongside at Scioto.
Now you're kinda up to date on the goings on in my life.
This Saturday is another Leadership Community. It should be a very fun time knowing what the agenda has listed.

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