Monday, October 5, 2009

On vacation with my sweetheart

Today was day two of three here on Sanibel Island on the lower Gulf side of Florida. The weather has been nice and hot, high 80' to low 90's, despite the fact that it's October. We left Columbus wearing jeans and hoodies.
The beaches here are covered with shells. Because Melissa and I landed late in the day and were really tired we slept first just to recover from a very long week. The slight problem was that we woke up around 11:30pm very awake. So after I went to get some drinks, bread, milk and cereal we went for a midnight walk along the beach. It was nice.
Today we slept late, ate breakfast in the condo and then sat out on the beach reading. Mmm, it was relaxing. We also walked a bit picking up shells for the kiddos. I even saw a washed up baby hammerhead shark about one foot long. What an amazing creature. I put him back in the ocean.
We sorta skipped lunch knowing we'd be eating at The Bubble Room. It's been an island restaurant for decades. Our waitress Karen, whose been working there for years, made our experience there fun. After supper another walk along the beach.
I'm not fully sure what tomorrow will, shuffle board, Cheeburger, Cheeburger, more shells...but whatever it is I'm doing it with my best friend:-)
Here's the great view from our balcony:

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