Friday, October 9, 2009

So good to be good to be home

Well Melissa and I are back now and hit the ground running. The kids schedules as well as our own dictate most of the hours in our day. We both were really looking forward to seeing the kids. They were well cared for by our friends Phil & Jen Hill who actually moved into the house for the days we were gone. Thanks Phil & Jen!
The last full day on Sanibel Island was very relaxing. Another walk along the beach, reading, tanning, etc. Our attempt to play shuffle board was busted up by bugs biting Melissa's beautiful bare legs (it was all for the alliteration).
The day we returned Zach had his second last football game of the season. It was against Worthingway. He got to play wide receiver like usual but then coach put him in as a safety on defense and that was fun seeing him trying to figure that out. I like it that I got a pic. of Head Coach Althouse instructing Zach and even heard him yell, "Spoelstra!" once while Zach was on the field. It reminded me of when my HS coach would yell my name:-) Our boys won again (33-8) and have one final game next week against Grizzell MS. That'll be especially fun since Zach's buddy Alex plays there and his parents Matt & Chrissy are our friends.
Enjoy this short video of me chasing a bunch of birds of the shore.

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