Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I love to play a good prank:-)

Every once in a while I get a hanker'n to play a prank on one of my friends. This past week it happened to be my buddy, barber and ministry partner Mark Artrip:-)
It all started with my administrative assistant not eating the chicken salad she'd brought for lunch...three months ago. Yep, for three months that container slowly brewed up a horrifyingly bad odor. Afraid that the smell might permeate the building I rent my office out of, I brought it home and set it outside for three days in the heat just to add to the aroma.
Rachel, my eight year old, and I headed up to Grace Church to plant the chicken salad in Mark's office. The smell was so bad that even though we drove my jeep with the top off, stopping at traffic lights was nauseating. Once in Grace Church, I chose the shortest route to Mark's office. Using a pair of disposable gloves I carved out a dollop of chicken salad into a styrofoam cup being careful to leave the newly growing maggots in the container.
Rachel wouldn't stay in Mark's office and I was breathing exclusively through my mouth. I could barely get her to be in this picture with me.
After the deed was done I realized it was Saturday night and that Mark's office is positioned on a main thoroughfare into the auditorium. Yikes! I'm still wondering if folks detected anything as they walked into or from the worship services:-)
At the writing of this entry, Mark does not know I was the one who played the prank. If he doesn't find the putrid cup soon I'll post another blog entry with pics. of where it's hidden.
Shhhhh, don't tell.

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