Friday, August 21, 2009

Hart's on the Hot Seat

Ok, it's really not a hot seat I just liked the way that kinda rolled off the tongue. Jeremy Hart, famous for marrying Erica, is on to preach for his first time at Encounter this Sunday. He's doing week #2 of three in our series Eat This Book (that's God's Word BTW). That's him on the right holding the coffee cup. He and Erica have been gone all summer at an internship for his OSU Law School degree. Now that they're back the small group they led will be starting up again soon.
Speaking of small groups...we'll be promoting all of them on Sunday, August 30th. I think there's four groups for couples/singles, four for women and two for men.
Hmmm, me thinks the men need to step it up a little:-)

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