Friday, August 28, 2009

Small Groups Promoted on Sunday

In the Fall of 2008 Encounter Church started with two small groups full of all sorts of people. We had them full on purpose so that they would be ready to multiply in the Spring of 2009. We started them six months before our Sunday morning services began so there was something to invite people to while the launch team prayed, dreamed, were trained and visited other churches. Now we find ourselves a year later with four groups full of all sorts of people. How fun!
Our philosophy on when to multiply a small group is when there is an identified leader and co-leader not when the group is "ready". This may seem harsh or difficult at times but from what I've seen over the years, groups tend to wait as long as possible or are simply unwilling to multiply. The goal is to see new people come into relationships with other Christ followers and be biblically shepherded and cared for. Out of love for others we are willing to multiply our small groups.
Here's a shot I took last Sunday of the four current leaders as they were discussing the plan for this coming Sunday's promo of small groups. They and their wives have and are doing a great job of teaching, leading and shepherding their groups.

From left to right they are, Jeff Persall, Kyle Mielke, Chuck Taylor and Jeremy Hart.

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Phil and Jen said...

Awesome, I love our small groups and just how much they help us as a church grow!